Customer Engagement for TfNSW's New Intercity Fleet

The design process for TfNSW’s New Intercity Fleet has been heavily focused on user group testing and feedback – this video gives a great overview the user engagement process for passengers with disabilities.

CRRC Wins Award with IDA Next Gen Metro Concept

CRRC Wins Award with IDA Next Gen Metro Concept


The IDA designed CRRC Next Generation Subway Car concept has won the MTA Genius Transit Challenge award in New York.

IDA developed the interior for CRRC’s award submission in 2016 from a clean sheet of paper. The aim was to create an innovative interior design that supported the array technological innovations being put into the cars. The concept demonstrates both latest and future thinking with see-through touch information displays in the windows, colour changing LED lighting, and the vehicle body constructed with carbon fibre to make significant weight savings.   

CRRC recently showed a full scale mock-up of its Next Generation Subway car at the Changchun Technology Fair in China.

You can hear more about the award in this Youtube video.

Distinctive New Guangzhou Metro Trains Go Into Service

Distinctive New Guangzhou Metro Trains Go Into Service


In 2015, specialist rail vehicle design consultants, Industrial Design Alliance, were commissioned by CRRC to create exterior styling for the new Guangzhou Line 14 and Line 21 Metro passenger vehicles, which have recently gone into service. The brief was to create 2 distinctively different fronts ends that mate to a common car body, taking a modular approach to the design.

“We sought to create a distinctively Chinese look for both cars, taking inspiration from Guangzhou city and its natural surrounds”, said Tim Rugendyke, lead designer for the project. “The number of new metro systems being built throughout China each year is staggering with the demand for new and distinctive rolling stock design ever increasing – We are the forefront of this providing passenger rolling stock design that is both dynamic and relevant to its local environment”.

The trains have been entered into this year’s Chinese Red Star Design Awards.

For more, try these links; the first one highlights the growth of rail in China and the second one announces some of the new Guangzhou metro lines.



Innovative New Design for Energizer Emergency Lights

Innovative New Design for Energizer Emergency Lights


Energizer has launched two innovative new emergency portable lights designed by IDA: 

The new All-in-One Emergency light ,


and the new Emergency Area Light 

“We always strive to create innovative product design by utilising new technologies or by taking advantage of improvements in existing technologies”, commented IDA Director, Angelo Kotsis. “These two new lights are based on vastly improved LED performance that gives us brighter light output, longer run time, and at a lower cost. For the All-in-One Light this allowed us to add multiple LEDs and configure them in a unique way to provide area lighting as well as multi-directional lighting. This means that for the first time users can light the area directly in front of them as well as have a directional light beam to see further into the distance, both at the same time”.

IDA created the original design concepts for these lights and then worked with the Energizer product development team to detail the design for production.

You find out more about the lights by visiting the Energizer website via the above links and by looking under our portfolio section.

New Waratah B-Sets Unveiled

New Waratah B-Sets Unveiled

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has unveiled the first new Sydney Growth Trains double deck passenger train. The new B-Sets are an upgrade of the current Waratahs and feature improved passenger information, lighting, comfort and safety.

IDA worked with TfNSW to develop a livery design that gives the B-Sets a fresh new look over the previous generation Waratah A-Sets. The new livery better supports the TfNSW brand by giving the train a cleaner, more modern appearance with the livery design linking the various window elements along the side of the train for a more consistent graphic.

24 new 8 car sets have been ordered with the first set now in the process of testing and commissioning. The first trains are due to go into service in mid-2018, with further roll outs continuing into early 2019.


IDA Creating More Speed for 2022 Winter Olympics

IDA Creating More Speed for 2022 Winter Olympics


The China Railway Corporation has released images of the new 350kmh High Speed Train being developed specifically for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. The train will be used to convey passengers, media and athletes between Beijing and the Olympic site in Zhangjiakou, 200km’s to the north west of Beijing. IDA has been commissioned through its partner Fordyno, to create the exterior styling and livery design for CRRC. The exterior styling evokes high performance, energy and movement in pure lines, all attributes associated with Olympic sports.

IDA’s scope included conceptualisation, 3D visualisation, 3D surface modelling and design refinement through working with CRC’s aerodynamics and production engineering teams.

You can read more about the project here:

IDA Goes Postal!

IDA Goes Postal!


IDA’s concept rendering for the new Macedonia MZ passenger units, has been immortalised on a Macedonian postage stamp commemorating the release of the new trains. The new MZ passenger rolling stock, designed by IDA and built by CRRC’s Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Company, has been in service since 2015. “It’s a bit of fun to see our work appearing on a postage stamp on the other side of the world”, said IDA director Tim Rugendyke. Some of the stamps recently sold for €1.90 ($3.06AU) on ebay......


More images of the Macedonia MZ units can be found under our portfolio section.



This short video offers some answers to the question "Why is Design Important?" by looking at lessons learnt from the work of Dieter Rams, the world's greatest designer of everyday objects.

Nasal Drug Delivery Device Announced

Nasal Drug Delivery Device Announced

AFT Pharmaceuticals has recently announced for the first time their breakthrough Nasal Drug Delivery Device that they have been developing with IDA and various technology partners. The device is unique in that it can deliver medication to the nasal cavity at a high rate and has a performance far exceeding current market offerings. During the 4 year development program, IDA was responsible for the industrial and mechanical design of the device, design documentation, as well as performing initial scoping studies and proof-of-concept prototyping.

 The device is currently being tooled overseas and is expected to undergo clinical trials shortly. You can read more about the product at:





IDA Design Wins Red Star Design Award

IDA Design Wins Red Star Design Award

China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation’s (CRRC) new HDX1G 8 Axle High Speed Locomotive has been awarded a 2015 Red Star Design Award. The 11200Kw electric locomotive, launched in late 2015, is designed to reach speeds up to 200km/h.

Industrial Design Alliance was commissioned by CRRC Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Company (ZELC) in late 2014 to create a distinctive exterior design for its new locomotive. “We were excited to be involved in the HXD1G locomotive project with ZELC.  This builds on our already outstanding portfolio of railway rolling stock projects” said IDA Design Director, Tim Rugendyke. “To achieve a Red Star Design Award was an added bonus and this recognizes the break through locomotive styling that we created”

CRRC Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Company is China’s leading manufacturer of electric locomotives and has developed 51 different types of mainline locomotives in its 58 year history.

The China Red Star Design Award, established in 2006, is organised by the Beijing Industrial Design Center (BIDC) as a means of promoting the design industry and encourage creativity. The judging process adopts international standards of evaluation, and invites domestic and international design experts to review the entries. In 2015 over 5000 products were entered in categories covering Communication Tools, Computer Equipment, Home Living, Entertainment, Leisure & Recreation, Medical & Scientific, Packaging, Transportation, and Fashion & Accessories.



IDA 荣获中国创新设计红星奖

中国中车集团新款HDX1G 8轴高速电力机车荣获2015中国创新设计红星奖。此款11200千瓦电力机车于2015年底厂,设计时速为200公里/时。

工业设计联盟公司受中车株洲委任,于2014年底为其新款电力机车设计一款独特的车辆外观,“我们非常荣幸和激动能够参与到中车株洲HXD1G八轴电力机车的设计项目中,此项目成为了我们出众的铁路机车设计作品中出彩的一笔”IDA工业设计主管Tim Rugendyke说道,“获得工业设计红星奖为我们所创作的创新和独特的电力机车外观设计锦上添花”。





IDA knows we’re all busy but if you have a spare 20 minutes, this is worth a watch! Apart from being very interesting, it really sums up what good design does for any product. Once you've watched it, Google your own city’s flag (particularly if you live in Sydney).


Multi- Award winning design - IDA Congratulates Bromic Heating

Industrial Design Alliance would like to offer its congratulations to Bromic Heating on winning both an International Red Dot award and an Australian Good Design Award for its new Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Portable Heater!

Featuring a modular design that allows for easy assembly, dismantling and storage, the energy saving heater with flame failure and anti-tilt safety devices is engineered to yield the largest possible heat area. IDA director Angelo Kotsis was closely involved in creating the design together with the Bromic team. For a closer look, visit the Red Dot and Australian Good Design award websites:

获得多项殊荣的设计 - IDA祝贺波米克暖氣 (Bromic Heating)

IDA联盟工业设计公司熱烈祝賀波米克暖气之新的钨丝智能热™ (Smart-Heat™) 便携式电暖器赢得国际红点奖以及澳大利亚优秀设计奖。

透过模组化的方式设计,可以很容易组装,拆卸和储藏,节能电暖器熄火和防倾斜安全装置的设计提供了最大的散热面积。IDA设计总监安哲龙(Angelo Kotsis) 与波米克团队密切地合作,一起创造出了此产品。想了解更多细节,请浏览红点和澳大利亚优秀设计奖的网站上以获取更多内容:

New Trains for Macedonia Launched

New Trains for Macedonia Launched

IDA was excited to see their latest passenger rolling stock design unveiled last week in Zhuzhou, Southern China. The trains are being manufactured at the China Railway Rollingstock Corporation’s (CRRC) Zhuzhou plant (ZELC) and are bound for Macedonia. They are configured as three car sets and represent CRRC’s first passenger trains to be produced for a European customer. The sets are being produced in both Electric Motor Unit and Diesel Motor unit forms.

IDA was commissioned by CRC to create the industrial design for the train’s interior, exterior and driver’s cab. We started the project by creating the initial concepts which set the direction of the design, provided full 3D modelling and colour specification for all visible surfaces, and followed through with design support to the ZELC engineering team as the cars were prepared for manufacture.

“We are always really impressed with ZELC’s faithfulness to the original design intent”, commented IDA director and lead 3D modeller, Jason Bennett. “We provide them with top quality 3D data and design support that allows them to easily translate the design into production. This always ends with a great result”.

We will be loading more images onto our website soon, but in the meantime, take a look at these links:



IDA联盟工业设计公司很高兴看到他们最新的客运车辆设计于上周在中国南方的湖南省株洲市发布。动车组在中国中车(CRRC) 旗下株洲电力机车有限公司(ZELC) 所制造,之后交付马其顿。马其顿动车组为三节编组,代表了中国中车首列为欧洲客户所制造的客运列车。动车组有电动(EMU) 及柴油动车 (DMU) 两种型式。

IDA受中国铁路总公司 (CRC) 委任打造车辆的内装、外观以及驾驶室的工业设计。在项目一开始的时候,我们为整体的设计方向提出了初步的设计概念,对所有可见面提供了完整的3D建模以及色彩规格,并持续为株洲电力机车有限公司(ZELC) 的工程团队在准备制造车辆的过程中提供协助。

IDA设计总监兼首席三维建模师白振昇 (Jason Bennett) :我们对于ZELC忠于原始设计概念的制造能力印象十分深刻,而我们提供的高质量3D数据以及设计支持也使得他们能够顺利地将设计概念转化为产品,制造生产。这样合作一直非常成功。


VeriFone VX820 Duet as seen on TV.

VeriFone VX820 Duet as seen on TV.

Check out the new Visa payWave commercial featuring the VeriFone VX 820 Duet countertop payment device that the Visa cards are being waved passed as they make contactless payments.

Before founding IDA, the Directors were central to creating the industrial design for this product. IDA Director Tim Rugendyke was the lead Industrial Designer for the VX820 countertop payment device and the Base Station that it sits in.

Also IDA Director Angelo Kotsis travelled to Taipei and Shanghai to work with the VeriFone engineering development team to maintain the design intent of the Base Station as it was prepared for tooling. It’s great to see products that we have worked on during our careers being successful in the market place.


惠尔丰VX820 DUET刷卡机已经上线

在下方影片中, Visa公司所发行的Visa payWave 感应式信用卡借由惠尔丰VX820桌上型刷卡机让客户能透过感应的方式进行刷卡消费。 

在创立IDA联盟工业设计公司前,IDA的总监们曾担任此项产品的主设计师。IDA设计总监罗臻科(Tim Rugendyke) 即是VX820桌上型刷卡机及其底座的首席设计师。

而另一位IDA设计总监安哲龙(Angelo Kotsis) 也曾前往台北以及上海与惠尔丰公司的工程开发团队合作,以确保原有刷卡机底座模具的设计意图能完整保留。很高兴能看到我们所设计的产品在市场上很成功。

IDA Livery Design creates impact!

IDA Livery Design creates impact!

18m Flexible Hybrid                       

18m Flexible Hybrid                       

CSR Electric Trolley recently launched its new range of Quick Charge Electric Buses, the world’s fastest recharging bus. The new bus is claimed to recharge in just 30 seconds, with recharging taking place at each stop as passengers board and alight.

At launch the buses featured distinctive liveries that were created by IDA. “IDA was commissioned to create a range of eye-catching designs that expressed latest technology, eco friendliness, and that enhanced the overall design of the buses” said IDA Design Director, Angelo Kotsis.

From the range of liveries that IDA created, 3 designs were selected to go onto 12m Quick Charge Electric, the 12m Hybrid and the 18m Flexible Hybrid. We will be posting more images in our portfolio section soon!

Already, CSR has taken orders for 1200 Quick Charge Buses. 




在正式下线的无轨电车里,其外观色彩部分为IDA联盟工业设计公司所设计。IDA联盟工业设计公司设计总监安哲龙(Angelo Kotsis) 说:「 IDA联盟工业设计公司在此项目上提出了一系列引人注目的色彩外观设计融合了高科技与环保的意念, 同时也使得整体无轨电车的设计更为完整。」



Merry Christmas

IDA has had another huge year and we are looking forward to a short break over the Christmas/New Year season.
We will closing down on 23rd December and returning to work Monday 5th January 2015. Of course we will still be contactable via email to take care of any pressing issues.
The staff and Directors of IDA would like to thank all our clients and suppliers for their support during 2014 and wish them a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2015.


New internship

IDA would like to give a warm welcome to our new intern Jerome Konieczka!

Jerome is from Dainville France and is in his 4th year studying Industrial Design at the Strate Design School in Paris. As an industrial design student, Jerome is highly talented in styling & concept generation. Apart from exploring the beautiful scenery in Australia, he hopes to draw on IDA’s depth of experience in Product Design and Transport Design to increase his skills and give him an edge in the job market.  IDA is pleased to provide him with this opportunity. He will be working with our team on a broad range of projects during his 3-month internship.



联盟工业设计公司热烈欢迎新加入的实习生Jerome Konieczka!


Happy Moon Festival!

IDA is wishing all our counterparts in the Greater China Region a happy Moon Festival!


Is Bad Design Wrecking Your Great Business? 3 Tips

Is Bad Design Wrecking Your Great Business? 3 Tips

It’s time to get serious about design. For startups especially, this is one factor that can make or break the business.

Up until about five years ago or so, there were still old-timers who insisted that engineering was the backbone of any venture. Find the brightest programmers, the argument went, and everything else would fall into place.

But these days, with important exceptions like search engines and security software, the technology behind most startups is fairly straightforward. With code libraries, new programming languages and open-source launchpads, engineering has in many respects gotten easier and more accessible. And exactly for that reason, one way to stand out from the crowd is with an intuitive interface that users love and that lends itself to quick adoption. Design is more important than ever.

Read more:

IDA designs China’s first High Speed Metro cars

IDA designs China’s first High Speed Metro cars

CRC High-Speed Metro

CNR has launched its new Rapid Transit metro cars, designed by IDA.

IDA partnering with Fordyno Ltd was commissioned by China Northern Rail, Changchun, in December 2012 for the exterior, interior and driver’s cab design of a new category of rolling stock for China, the High Speed Metro. The work was completed over a 5 month period from initial concept design through to full detail 3D surface documentation. Two types of cars were designed based on a common platform; the A-Car for longer distance intercity use and the C-Car for shorter distance metro use. The new Rapid Transit cars represent China’s first High Speed Metros, reaching speeds up to 160km/h.

You can see more of the finished cars on our Website under the Transport Design section:




项目设计内容包含两种型式的车辆: A车是提供给城市之间较远的载客运输距离;C车则是给市域内较近的载客距离使用。此市域快轨车辆为中国目前最快速的高速市域车,时速高达每小时160公里。