PROJECT: All-In-One Emergency Light

CLIENT: Energizer USA

YEAR: 2016

The Energizer All-in-One Light has multiple LEDs configured in a unique way to provide area lighting as well as multi-directional lighting. This means that for the first time users can light the area directly in front of them as well as have a directional light beam to see further into the distance, both at the same time.

PROJECT: Emergency Area Light

CLIENT: Energizer USA

YEAR: 2016

The Energizer Emergency Area Light is a powerful 360° LED Lantern that provides extraordinary brightness and long runtime. It is compact and robust and can operate on both 4D cells or 4AA cells.

PROJECT: Nasal Drug Delivery Device

CLIENT: AFT Pharmaceuticals

YEAR: 2012-2016

IDA was responsible for the industrial and mechanical design of the device, design documentation, as well as initial scoping studies and proof-of-concept prototyping.

PROJECT: Supaheat II Room Heater

CLIENT: Bromic

YEAR: 2015

Award winning producer of gas powered heating, Bromic, commissioned IDA to restyle its popular Supaheat room heater.

PROJECT: Arctic Pro High Performance Cooler Range

CLIENT: Red Door China

YEAR: 2014

Rugged and functional styling for a new range of high performance coolers sold through Australia under the Esky brand

PROJECT: Garden Tools

CLIENT: Red Door China

YEAR: 2014

A series of unique garden spades to go into the ultra competitive garden tool market.


We are currently busy on a number of consumer product design projects which we look forward to showing you once they come onto the market. In the meantime, here is a selection of projects we have worked on the past that show our experience.