Energizer has launched two innovative new emergency portable lights designed by IDA: 

The new All-in-One Emergency light ,


and the new Emergency Area Light 

“We always strive to create innovative product design by utilising new technologies or by taking advantage of improvements in existing technologies”, commented IDA Director, Angelo Kotsis. “These two new lights are based on vastly improved LED performance that gives us brighter light output, longer run time, and at a lower cost. For the All-in-One Light this allowed us to add multiple LEDs and configure them in a unique way to provide area lighting as well as multi-directional lighting. This means that for the first time users can light the area directly in front of them as well as have a directional light beam to see further into the distance, both at the same time”.

IDA created the original design concepts for these lights and then worked with the Energizer product development team to detail the design for production.

You find out more about the lights by visiting the Energizer website via the above links and by looking under our portfolio section.