IDA was excited to see their latest passenger rolling stock design unveiled last week in Zhuzhou, Southern China. The trains are being manufactured at the China Railway Rollingstock Corporation’s (CRRC) Zhuzhou plant (ZELC) and are bound for Macedonia. They are configured as three car sets and represent CRRC’s first passenger trains to be produced for a European customer. The sets are being produced in both Electric Motor Unit and Diesel Motor unit forms.

IDA was commissioned by CRC to create the industrial design for the train’s interior, exterior and driver’s cab. We started the project by creating the initial concepts which set the direction of the design, provided full 3D modelling and colour specification for all visible surfaces, and followed through with design support to the ZELC engineering team as the cars were prepared for manufacture.

“We are always really impressed with ZELC’s faithfulness to the original design intent”, commented IDA director and lead 3D modeller, Jason Bennett. “We provide them with top quality 3D data and design support that allows them to easily translate the design into production. This always ends with a great result”.

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IDA联盟工业设计公司很高兴看到他们最新的客运车辆设计于上周在中国南方的湖南省株洲市发布。动车组在中国中车(CRRC) 旗下株洲电力机车有限公司(ZELC) 所制造,之后交付马其顿。马其顿动车组为三节编组,代表了中国中车首列为欧洲客户所制造的客运列车。动车组有电动(EMU) 及柴油动车 (DMU) 两种型式。

IDA受中国铁路总公司 (CRC) 委任打造车辆的内装、外观以及驾驶室的工业设计。在项目一开始的时候,我们为整体的设计方向提出了初步的设计概念,对所有可见面提供了完整的3D建模以及色彩规格,并持续为株洲电力机车有限公司(ZELC) 的工程团队在准备制造车辆的过程中提供协助。

IDA设计总监兼首席三维建模师白振昇 (Jason Bennett) :我们对于ZELC忠于原始设计概念的制造能力印象十分深刻,而我们提供的高质量3D数据以及设计支持也使得他们能够顺利地将设计概念转化为产品,制造生产。这样合作一直非常成功。