Check out the new Visa payWave commercial featuring the VeriFone VX 820 Duet countertop payment device that the Visa cards are being waved passed as they make contactless payments.

Before founding IDA, the Directors were central to creating the industrial design for this product. IDA Director Tim Rugendyke was the lead Industrial Designer for the VX820 countertop payment device and the Base Station that it sits in.

Also IDA Director Angelo Kotsis travelled to Taipei and Shanghai to work with the VeriFone engineering development team to maintain the design intent of the Base Station as it was prepared for tooling. It’s great to see products that we have worked on during our careers being successful in the market place.


惠尔丰VX820 DUET刷卡机已经上线

在下方影片中, Visa公司所发行的Visa payWave 感应式信用卡借由惠尔丰VX820桌上型刷卡机让客户能透过感应的方式进行刷卡消费。 

在创立IDA联盟工业设计公司前,IDA的总监们曾担任此项产品的主设计师。IDA设计总监罗臻科(Tim Rugendyke) 即是VX820桌上型刷卡机及其底座的首席设计师。

而另一位IDA设计总监安哲龙(Angelo Kotsis) 也曾前往台北以及上海与惠尔丰公司的工程开发团队合作,以确保原有刷卡机底座模具的设计意图能完整保留。很高兴能看到我们所设计的产品在市场上很成功。